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Hariom Lottery Result | हरिओम लाटरी रिजल्ट (Today Live Result)



hariom lottery result

Hariom Lottery Result – Today we will see, “Hariom Lottery“. With this we will see some benefits of Hari Om Lottery Result, and important things, so let’s see Today Hariom Lottery Result

Hariom Lottery Result Today | आज का हरिओम लॉटरी

hariom lottery result
hariom lottery result

Hariom lottery result is given below. Below that, the benefits of this lottery and some important things have also been told about it, by reading which you can easily understand and win the Hariom lottery.

Hariom Lottery Result Today : आज का हरिओम लाटरी

Drow TimeLucky Number
अन्य महत्वपूर्ण लॉटरियाँ

Hariom Lottery | हरिओम लाटरी के फायदे

hariom lottery result
hariom lottery result

Although in today’s time, more than 500 matka games are played in our country alone, but like all matka, Hariom lottery also has many such specialties, which makes it different from other matka games.

We have mentioned some of the main advantages below, from which you will be able to know the benefits of playing Hariom Lottery Result.

  • In today’s time, more than 20000 people play this Matka every day, due to which the money spent in it can also be in lakhs, so if you win Hari Om lottery, then you can earn a lot of money.
  • In today’s time this lottery game can be played online as well as Matka Bazaar, which makes this Hari Om Lottery more interesting. You can play this game as per your wish.
  • People have always been victims of fraud in most of the 500 games played in our country, but in Hariom Lottery results, most of the people have not been cheated till date.
  • Many rich and businessmen also like to play this game, which is a proof of the authenticity of this Hariom Lottery lottery game. So no one can play it without any doubt.

How to play Hariom Lottery

Today more than 500 lottery games are played in our country, one of them is Hariom Lottery. Which has become so famous today,

Big businessmen and rich people like to play this lottery game, it is believed that Hariom lottery game started more than 30 years ago. But in the olden times, playing this game was considered very difficult and not good.

This Hariom lottery game was played by the people with a big pitcher and lots of lucky slips. But along with the modernization of our country, this Hariom Lottery game has also become very modern now.

In such a situation, today this game can be played online or by visiting the Matka market near you. Ever since the internet has come to India, the picture of this Hariom lottery has changed a bit.

A few years ago, many websites and some mobile apps started feeding this game online through the Internet.

Due to which there has been a continuous increase in the number of players playing it. In today’s modern times, any person can play the result of Hariom Lottery both online or offline.

It’s up to him how he wants to play this Hariom lottery. But if you are new to the lottery game, then our advice to you is that you prefer to play this game offline, so that you will not be cheated in this (Hari om Lottery) game.

About Hariom Lottery Result

India’s unemployment has reached its peak in today’s time, in such a situation, most of the youth are sitting in their homes, who do not have any means of earning, due to which such people keep looking for new ways to earn money daily.

There are many of those people who invest money in the lottery, and also win a lot. In today’s time, more than 500 offline or online matka or lottery games are played in India alone.

And one of them is Hariom Lottery. Which was not that famous earlier, but in today’s time thousands of people like to play Hariom Lottery.

In earlier times, this game was played by putting lucky numbers in some slips in a big pot, whoever’s lottery number matched with the lucky number of the pot, he would win the lottery.

In today’s time this game has become modern, and can be easily played both online or offline. In today’s time there are many such websites and mobile apps.

Who organizes Hariom Lottery online. In today’s time thousands of people are playing this game daily, and earning millions daily.

Disclaimer | Hariom Lottery

Playing games like Hariom Lottery is banned in India, and playing such lottery games can lead to legal action.

sarkaariexam does not ask to play any lottery game like this Hari om Lottery, this Hariom Lottery Result is written only to make people aware.

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Kolkata FF Result Today Sep 30, 2021 Kolkata Fatafat Lottery




Kolkata FF Result Today Kolkata Fatafat Lottery | কলকাতা ff

Kolkata FF Result Today Check – Kolkata Fatafat Winners and  number can be checked from this website with prize details that you won. Kolkata Fatafat Result is being released on 30 September 2021 .  Kolkata fatafat will be based on your if your luck perform well today then its your day to win kolkata fatafat lottery. if you  will win this lottery today then you make more money from kolkata ff result. you can check Kolkata fatafat result through our website page. In the kolkata the game kolkata fatafat is the most played game. Your good luck will make you win in todays kolkata FF result and first prize will be yours.

Kolkata FF Fatafat result on 30 September 2021

This game is the biggest game recognized by the government in Kolkata. In this lottery game, the winner of this game wins the most prizes by just winning a lottery ticket. You make a huge amount of money in Kolkata fatafat Lottery just by predict the lottery numbers correctly. In the Kolkata FF Lottery game Winning amount will totally depend on which number is matched from the Kolkata FF Lottery And the total Winning Will be dependent on that number, According to that number the prize money will be distributed. With the help of Kolkata ff you make more money, you can fulfill all your dreams.

lottery games are fully prohibited in India but the Kolkata Fatatfat Game is played With the Permission of the government of Kolkata as well as the Government of India.  From 1 day of the week  Monday the game will be started and it will continuously be played 8 times in a day till  Saturday. you just bought lottery tickets then wait for the result declare on our website and you can watch the Kolkata fatafat result Today Live Online.

Also Check:

Kolkata fatafat  Result Time Slots

The Kolkata ff result based on time is given on the lottery ticket you have bought. If you want to make more money you have to just participate in this game just by physically available in Kolkata. You can check the Kolkata fatafat result just by Checking the time given on your ticket through the Kolkata fatafat timetable. We give you the timetable of  Kolkata ff result on daily basis on our website you can check your timetable result on the table which is given below.

Kolkata Fatafat result timings | কলকাতা ff

  • 1st Bazi 10:03 am
  • 2nd Bazi 11:33 am
  • 3rd Bazi 01:03 pm
  • 4th Bazi 02:33 pm
  • 5th Bazi 04:03 pm
  • 6th Bazi 05:33 pm
  • 7th Bazi 07:03 pm
  • 8th Bazi 08:33 pm

You Can Check The Result of your lottery Just by Checking the time which is given in the timetable. the Kolkata Fatafat   Result will be Publish On time which is given on the lottery ticket and the time will be given in the table. now you can check your Kolkata ff results through our page. You Check Your Result On Moblie Just By Clicking on our Website You can check your Result from anywhere just by vising our site. In Kolkata, the Kolkata ff is the huge game played throughout the country. In this game, you just have to purchase a ticket. It totally depends on your prediction that chooses a number for the lottery.

Kolkata Fatafat Today’s Result


Kolkata FF Fatafat Satta result 30 September 2021

Go to the official website to see today’s Kolkata fatafat Result.
When checking the result, you just have to check your ticket number.

  • After visiting the official website, you have to click on the link given on the website check your result.After
  • reaching the link and you press the submit button on the result,  you will be redirected to the new page.
  • On this website, you will see the lottery numbers will give you on the lottery tickets.
  • After that match the number of your lottery ticket from the number which is given on the website.
  • If your number is totally matched by the numbers of the website then you win the lottery ticket.
  • If you win the first prize in Kolkata ff result then reach the nearest Centre.


Kolkata FF/Kolkata Fatafat Prizes

When you win the Prize, you will have to go to your lottery Centre and give your lottery ticket to them. your prizes will be declared as per the number which is given on your lottery ticket. your prize will be given by the official center of the Kolkata ff which is nearest to your location. for any other quires visit our website. you can send your question on our website.

FAQ Kolkata Fatafat Today Result 2021

How can I check my West Bengal Lotto results?

Step 1: Search for
West Bengal State
Lottery Department’s official website
Step 2: On the homepage of the official website you will see a hyperlink that reads, ‘
Lottery Sambad
Result 22.5.2021 Dear Bangasree Damodar’ 4 pm

How do you pick lottery numbers?

Here is how you can master the art of
lottery number selection, which can help you in winning big.

Hot and Cold
Numbers .
numbers in
lottery parlance refer to those
numbers that have a higher probability of coming up in a draw as compared to the other
numbers .

What is Bengal lottery result?

2021. Dear Day live from 4 PM every day and the official West
Bengal State
Lottery Results PDF will be available after 4:15 PM on their official website
Bengal State
Lottery Prize List.
1st Winning Prize
Rs- 1 Crore
2nd Winning Prize
Rs- 9000 / –
3rd Winning Prize
Rs- 500 / –
4th Winning Prize
Rs- 250 / –

What are the 6 most common winning lottery numbers?

Most common Powerball numbers
numbers 32, 61, 53, 69, 64, 3, 21, 27, 62 in descending order of popularity.
On this site, you can also see how many days it’s been since these
most common Powerball
numbers were drawn


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Fast Tag क्या है और किस तरह से उपयोग किया जाता है ?




Fast Tag क्या है (Fast Tag Kya Hai)

Fast Tag एक ऐसी तकनिकी है जिसके द्वारा किसी भी टोल प्लाजा पर Online Scanner की मदद से Toll को जमा करवा सकते है जिससे की टोल प्लाजा पर समय नहीं लगता और ज्यादा गाड़िया इक्कठी न होने की वजह से ट्रैफिक जैम भी नहीं होता है । अगर पहले की बात की जाए तो पहले टूल प्लाजा पर नगदी के रूप में भुगतान किया जाता था परन्तु अब सरकार ने इसे पूरी तरह से ऑनलाइन कर दिया है।

Fast Tag को केवल चार पहिया वहां ही उपयोग में लेकर आते है मोटइरसाईकल के लिए कीसी भी तरह के फास्टटैग की जरुरत नहीं होती है फ़ास्ट टैग को बनवले के लिए पहले आपको रजिस्ट्रेशन करवाना होता है फिर आपका फ़ास्ट टैग बन जाता है और जिस तरह आपका बैंक अकाउंट से पैसे का लेनदेन होता है उसी तरह आपको अपने फ़ास्ट टैग अकाउंट में टूल भुगतान के लिए पहले से ही रिचार्ज करना होता है

तभी आप किसी भी टूल प्लाजा पर भुगतान कर पाते है । फ़ास्ट टैग एक कार्ड जैसा होता है जिसे आपको अपनी गाड़ी के आगे वाले कांच के ऊपर लगाना होता है इसे ही Fast Tag कहते है।

अभी तक आपको यह समझ आ ही गया होगा की आखिर फ़ास्ट टैग क्या होता है और अब हम इसी पोस्ट में आगे जानेंगे की फ़ास्ट टैग कैसे कार्य करता है और आप किस तरह फ़ास्ट टैग को बनवा सकते है।

Fast Tag कैसे काम करता है (Fast Tag Kaise Kaam Karta Hai)

Fast Tag किसी भी वहां के आगे वाले काच (Windscrren) पर लगा हुआ होता है जो की Radio Frequency Identification पर काम करता है जिसके माध्यम से फ़ास्ट टैग के जरिये आपके फ़ास्ट टैग अकाउंट में से पैसे का भुगतान किया जाता है । जैसे ही आपकी गाड़ी किसी भी टोल प्लाजा पर से गुजरती है वैसे ही टोल पलाजा पर जो RFI सेंसर लगे हुए होते है वह आपकी गाड़ी के विंडस्क्रीन पर फ़ास्ट टैग को स्कैन करते है तो आपके फ़ास्ट टैग से आपकी गाड़ी को बिना रुके पेमेंट कर दिया जाता है और आपको गाड़ी को रोकना भी नहीं पड़ता है। बस इसी तरह से फ़ास्ट टैग कार्य करता है।

यदि आपके फ़ास्ट टैग अकाउंट में से भुगतान के लिए राशि ख़त्म हो जाती है तो आपको अपने फ़ास्ट टैग अकाउंट को अपने बैंक अकाउंट से रिचार्ज करना पड़ता है तभी अगली बार आपके फ़ास्ट टैग से टोल प्लाजा पर भुगतान किया जा सकता है। यदि आपके फ़ास्ट टैग से भुगतान नहीं होता है तो आपको टोल प्लाजा पर दुगना भुगतान करना पड़ता है इसलिए हमेशा अपने टोल प्लाजा अकाउंट में बैलेंस को रखे।

यदि आपने फ़ास्ट टैग बनवा लिया है तो यह फ़ास्ट टैग कार्ड पांच सालो के लिए वैलिड होता है यदि आंच साल हो जाते है तो आपको पांच साल बाद दुबारा से फ़ास्ट टैग को बनवाना पड़ता है।

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13.5 Lakh करोड़ से ज्यादा हुआ TCS का Market कैप




TCS Market Cap

देश की सबसे बड़ी IT Company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) का market कैप बुधवार को 13.5 लाख करोड़ रुपये के आंकड़े को पार कर गया। TCS यह मुकाम हासिल करने वाली देश की दूसरी लिस्टेड कंपनी है। मुकेश अंबानी की अगुआई वाली रिलायंस इंडस्ट्रीज पहले ही यह उपलब्धि हासिल कर चुकी है। बुधवार को जब कारोबार बंद हुआ तो बीएसई पर TCS का market cap 13,53,667.85 करोड़ रुपये था।

कंपनी ने 17 अगस्त को 13 लाख करोड़ रुपये के market cap को छुआ था। बीएसई पर बुधवार को कंपनी का शेयर 3,612.8 रुपये पर खुला और लगभग 2.35 फीसद बढ़कर 52 सप्ताह के सर्वकालिक स्तर 3,697 रुपये तक पहुंचा। हालांकि बाद में यह 1.31 फीसद की तेजी के साथ 3,659.5 रुपये पर बंद हुआ।

बीएसई में कंपनी के 70,000 शेयरों का कारोबार हुआ। इसी तरह एनएसई पर शेयर बढ़त के साथ 3,610 रुपये पर खुला और अपने 52-सप्ताह के उच्च स्तर 3,697.75 रुपये तक गया। कारोबार बंद होने के दौरान 1.43 फीसद की तेजी के साथ 3,665 रुपये पर बंद हुआ। एनएसई पर कुल 21.23 लाख से अधिक शेयरों का कारोबार हुआ।

सूचीबद्ध कंपनियों में सबसे अधिक market cap reliance industries (TCS) (13,96,135.56 करोड़ रुपये) का है। मंगलवार को इन्फोसिस TCS, Reliance industries और HDFC bank के बाद 100 अरब डालर (7.4 लाख करोड़ रुपये) के market cap को छूने वाली चौथी भारतीय company बन गई। 100 अरब डालर का आंकड़ा पार करने वाली चार कंपनियों में से दो सूचना-प्रौद्योगिकी क्षेत्र से जुड़ी हैं।

Market cap के लिहाज से शीर्ष 10 घरेलू कंपनियों में reliance industries पहले स्थान पर है। इसके बाद TCS, HDFC bank, Infosys, Hindustan Unilever, HDFC, ICICI Bank, Bajaj Finance, state bank of india और wipro हैं।

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